About Us

Deltron Energy is a 100% Level 1 Broad Based BEE Battery Company based in South Africa. We specialise in importing and distribution of premium automotive and commercial batteries within South Africa.

The Deltron battery product is manufactured to meet the highest level in European manufacturing standards. Certified ISO 9001 our Batteries are Sealed Maintenance Free, incorporated with Expanded Grid Technology produces excellent performance and reliability.

Deltron Energy Batteries offers quality and assurance with excellent cold cranking and standby power.

We are committed to becoming the foremost supplier of Batteries to the Mining, Industrial, Agricultural, and Earthmoving industries in Southern Africa, as well as meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations in terms of product and service.

Our Products are developed in a world class manufacturing facility that employs local and international research, ensuring that our specifications meet the demands of the specifications, OEM requirements and conform to the highest industry standards. They have been tried and tested across the globe and distributed into Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australian, European and the North and South American markets.

We are dedicated to offering high quality, technologically advanced products at competitive prices, while exceeding customer expectations when it comes to service delivery.

The Deltron Energy, Industrial Battery range features good cyclic endurance capabilities, efficient charging acceptance and strong deep cycle recovery performance. Deltron Batteries have longer service life expectancy

We are committed to...

• Protecting the environment

• Applying best practice at every level

• Implementing stringent quality control systems

• Ensuring a healthy working environment for our employees