Battery Selection Guide

Light Commercial Vehicles

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BrandYearMake and ModelRecommended
AUSTIN1975-79Mini LDV & Vans All (battery under seat)628631SMF
CAM2007>Rhino Single and Double Cab 2.2 Petrol or Diesel622638SMF
CAM2007>Inyathi 2.2622638SMF
CAM2008>Leo 2.2, 2.4, IX650SMF
CAM2009>Leo 2.8 TDK650SMF
CHEVROLET1955>All American, Australian C & K Series 6 & 8622638SMF
CHEVROLET1972-77L.U.V Local Manufacture630634SMF
CHEVROLET1974-80L.U.V Imported622638SMF
CHEVROLET1997>El Toro, Nomad, C31, K20, 4 x 4622SMF
CHEVROLETLumina, Lumina SS638SMF
CHEVROLET2010>Corsa Petrol All628646SMF
CHEVROLET2010>Corsa Diesel651SMF
CHEVROLET2013>Spark Pronto 1.3621SMF
COLT1969-71Colt LDV & Panel Van630634SMF
COLT1996>1.6, 2.0, 2.6 HiLine622638SMF
COLT1996>2.5 Diesel652SMF
COLT1996>2.6, 3.OL V6 Rodeo & 3000 V6 4 X 4622638SMF
COLT1999>2.8 D, 2.8TDI Diesel657SMF
COLT1999>2.0, 2.4, 3.0 Petrol622638SMF
DACIA1996>Cristal D/Cab & LDV628SMF
DFM2006>DFM Mini truck622638SMF
FIAT1978>128 Series610622SMF
FIAT1992>UNO Panel Van618628SMF
FIAT2005>Starda EL, ELX612618SMF
FORD1986>Courier All petrol622638SMF
FORD1986>Courier Diesel incl 2500 Turbo Diesel622639SMF
FORD1993>Bantam 1.3, 1.6, 1.6I622SMF
FORD1999>New Courier 2500TD Leisure All Diesel Models621SMF
FORD2000>RANGER all diesel models650SMF
FORD2000>RANGER all petrol models650638SMF
FORD2002>New Bantam (Petrol)618628SMF
FORD2002>New Bantam (Diesel)646647SMF
FORD2004>Ranger 4.0L651SMF
FORD2007>Ford Ranger Petrol all Models622638SMF
FORD2007>Ford Ranger Diesel all Models650SMF
FORD2007>Ford Ranger 4,0i SuperCab XLT Hi-Trail all Models646SMF
FORD2007>Ford Territory all Models646SMF
FORD2011>Ford Ranger T6 Petrol651SMF
FORD2011>Ford Ranger 3.2 D668651SMF
FORD2012>Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCI651668SMF
FOTON2007>Panel Van 2.2622638SMF
FOTON2007>View 2.2 TAXI622638SMF
FOTON2007>2.8 TD Single & Double Cab and de Lux638SMF
FOTON2007>2.2 Wagon de Lux622SMF
FOTON2012>Foton 2.8 LDV Cummins650SMF
FUDI2007>Fudi Lion 2.2 all Models622SMF
FUDI2007>Fudi Lion 2.8 all Models638SMF
GAZ2007>Gazelle Single Cab622638SMF
GAZ2007>Gazelle Bus x 96 and XTH622638SMF
GAZ2007>Gazelle Double Cab622638SMF
GO NOW2007>Ha Fei621639SMF
GO NOW2007>GoNow X-Space Petrol and Diesel all Models621639SMF
GWM2007>GWM all Models621639SMF
GWM2007>Double Cab 2.2 Lux639SMF
GWM2007>Multi Wagon 2.2639SMF
GWM2007>Single Cab 2.2, 2.2 Lux639SMF
GWM2008>GWM Steed Lux639SMF
GWM2012>GWM Steed 5 2.0 VGT638SMF
GWM2012>GWM Steed 5 2.2 MPI646SMF
GWM2012>GWM Steed 2.4646SMF
HYUNDAI1997>2.5 & 2.6 iDT674SMF
HYUNDAI1997>2.6 ID Panelwagon650SMF
HYUNDAIMini Bus, Van H100 LDV622SMF
HYUNDAI2007>Hyundai H100 Diesel650SMF
HYUNDAI2009>H1 All650SMF
ISUZU1977-88TLD 23, 43, 63 Elfin & Elf , Trooper All Diesel671638SMF
ISUZU1978-81TLD 24, NKR 55630SMF
ISUZU1982-88KB20, KB25638SMF
ISUZU1982-93KB All Diesel622637SMF
ISUZU1983-86KB All Petrol622657SMF
ISUZU1986-89TLD 44A, 54A689657SMF
ISUZU1988-93NKR 99, NPR 99638SMF
ISUZU1993>KB All Diesel650SMF
ISUZU1993>KB All Diesel 250, 280, Frontier incl 4 x 4637SMF
ISUZU1995>KB All Petrol, 160, 200, 230, 260, 320,637SMF
ISUZU2004>Frontier incl 4 x 4669SMF
ISUZU2004>Trooper 4 x 4637SMF
ISUZU2007>Isuzu New Range LDV’s Diesel657SMF
ISUZU2007>Isuzu New Range LDV’s Petrol657SMF
ISUZU2007>Isuzu KB Petrol all Models637657SMF
ISUZU2007>Isuzu KB Diesel all Models669SMF
ISUZU2011>Isuzu KB 240652SMF
ISUZU2013>Isuzu KB 250 & 300669SMF
KIA2005>K2700 LDV650SMF
KIA2007>K2700 Workhorse650SMF
LAYLAND1995>Elan Single Cab628SMF
LAYLAND1995>LDV Turbo 400646SMF
LAYLAND1995>Magic Bakkie628SMF
MAZDA1976-80E2000, T2000622638SMF
MAZDA1979-86E3000, T3000680685SMF
MAZDA1983-86B2200 Diesel674SMF
MAZDA1984-93B Series 1600 & 2000622638SMF
MAZDA1986-94Rustler 1400618628SMF
MAZDA1986-94Rustler 1600628646SMF
MAZDA1988>Drifter 2.6 4 x 4621639SMF
MAZDA1991>Marathon 2.2622638SMF
MAZDA1994>Rustler All Models628618SMF
MAZDA1995>B3000, Magnum & 4 x 4. All V6 Models622638SMF
MAZDA1998>1800, 2000 LDV Models622638SMF
MAZDA1998>2500 Turbo Diesel All650SMF
MAZDA2000>DRIFTER all models PETROL622638SMF
MAZDA2007>BI50 Petrol & Diesel all Models650SMF
MAZDA2012>BT 50 2.2651668SMF
MAZDA2012>BT 50 2.5 Petrol650638SMF
MAZDA2012>BT 50 3.2 TDI668SMF
MEIYA2007>2.2 Single Cab/Double Cab and Delux622SMF
MEIYA2007>2.8 TD Single/Double Cab and Delux622SMF
MEIYA2007>2.2 Wagon and Delux622SMF
MERCEDES1953-62180 LDV (Diesel) Unimog683674SMF
MERCEDES1958-61180 Diesel LDV674SMF
MERCEDES1960-71All Petrol Models639674SMF
MERCEDES1960-71All Diesel Models, 405, 406654658SMF
MERCEDES2000>ML 270CDI, 320, 430 + Sprinter658SMF
MERCEDES2004>Vito Panel Van PS652SMF
MITSUBISHI1983>L300 & Starwagon630634SMF
MITSUBISHI1983>L300 Express 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 Van & LDV631621SMF
NISSAN1982>Safari & Tracker Diesel Models650657SMF
NISSAN1982>Safari & Tracker Petrol Models622638SMF
NISSAN1987>720 Diesel & E20 Ambulance674SMF
NISSAN1988>3.0 L 4 x 4 DCab & Stn/Wagon652SMF
NISSAN1988>All Hardbodies, Sani & petrol LDV’s except622638SMF
NISSAN1988>3,0L 4 X 4638SMF
NISSAN1993-99All Hardbodies, Sani, Diesel638638SMF
NISSAN1996-99Nissan Petrol 2.4 and 3.0 V6638SMF
NISSAN1999>Nissan Diesel 2.7 and 3.2610621SMF
NISSAN1999>1400 LDV657SMF
NISSAN2000>New Hardbody Petrol & Diesel638638SMF
NISSAN2000>Terrano, Patrol Petrol657SMF
NISSANTerrano, Patrol Diesel671SMF
OPEL1997>Corsa Utility 1300i, 1400i618628SMF
OPEL1997>Corsa Utility 1600i, 1600is, 1700 Diesel628628SMF
OPEL2004>New Corsa Petrol618SMF
OPEL2004>New Corsa Diesel628646SMF
PROTON2005>Arena all models643643SMF
RENAULT2000>Kangoo Petrol/Diesel628628SMF
SUZUKI1983>ST 90 Panel Van & SJ410 Pick Up615634SMF
SUZUKI1993>All Models630634SMF
SUZUKI1983>SJ410 & 413 4 x 4615634SMF
SUZUKI1993>Samurai Convertible & Wagon 4 X 4630634SMF
SUZUKI1993>Vitara 4 Cyl & V6 4 X 4630634SMF
TATA2004>Telcoline All LDV Models 2 Litre Turbo Diesel650657SMF
TATA2010>Tata Safari650 SSMF
TATAXenon All650 SSMF
TATASuper Ace622638SMF
TOYOTA1975-87Dyna & Landcruiser Diesel650674SMF
TOYOTA1975-92Stout, Dyna, Landcruiser. All Petrol622638SMF
TOYOTA1980-89Hi Ace, Hi Lux. All Models622638SMF
TOYOTA1982>Corolla Panel Van, TUV, & Stallion630634SMF
TOYOTA1988-92Dyna Diesel674SMF
TOYOTA1990>Hi Ace All Models635643SMF
TOYOTA1990>Hi Lux All Petrol635643SMF
TOYOTA1990>Stallion, Venture, Van & TUV All Petrol.618628SMF
TOYOTA1990>Venture & Condor Diesel628646SMF
TOYOTA1990>Venture & Condor Petrol618628SMF
TOYOTA1990-94Hi Lux Diesel643SMF
TOYOTA1993>Coaster Bus Diesel650SMF
TOYOTA1993>Coaster Bus Petrol622638SMF
TOYOTA1993>Land Cruiser Pick-up Diesel650674SMF
TOYOTA1993>Land Cruiser Pick-up Petrol639657SMF
TOYOTA1993>Venture 2.4 Diesel643643SMF
TOYOTA1994>Raider & Hi Lux Diesel657643SMF
TOYOTA1994>Raider Petrol635657SMF
TOYOTA1997>Landcruiser & Prado Diesel650639SMF
TOYOTA1997>Landcruiser & Prado Petrol621628SMF
TOYOTA1997>Landcruiser & Prado Petrol621628SMF
TOYOTA1999>Conquest Carri 1.3618SMF
TOYOTA1999>Hi Lux Diesel 2.4 & 3.0657SMF
TOYOTA1999>Hi Lux Petrol646643SMF
TOYOTA2003>Hi Lux Petrol ALL646SMF
TOYOTA2003>Hi Lux Diesel ALL657SMF
TOYOTA2005>Hi Lux 2.5 2.7 Petrol646SMF
TOYOTA2005>Hi Lux 4.0 Petrol652SMF
TOYOTA2005>Hi Lux 2.5 Diesel652SMF
TOYOTA2005>Hi Lux 3.0 Diesel668652SMF
TOYOTA2005>Hi Lux 2.5td SRX652652SMF
VOLKWAGEN1978-89Kombi All628628SMF
VOLKWAGEN1980-85Kombi 2000cc628SMF
VOLKWAGEN1981>Golf Diesel LDV647SMF
VOLKWAGEN1989>All Kombi, Van & LDV647SMF
VOLKWAGEN1996>Golf Caddy LDV628647SMF
VOLKWAGEN2005>LT 35 All Models P/Van658SMF
VOLKWAGEN2005>LT 46 All Models P/Van658SMF